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Invitation to Innovate

Richland Two's Institute of Innovation (R2i2) is an educational entity unlike any other.  Creative thought, analysis of real-world challenges to create new solutions, and working side-by-side with business professionals are just a few of the features that make R2i2 unique.

Juniors and seniors from any of Richland Two's five high schools will be eligible to participate in programming at R2i2, opening its doors officially in August 2016.  With the school’s initial focus areas of Advanced Engineering, Advanced IT, Advanced Hospitality Arts, Supply Chain Logistics, Advanced Manufacturing, and Managerial Business, students will be able to develop a keen sense of what it takes to succeed in college, life, and the business world all while learning to be innovators who will shape our future.

New, Exciting, and Different

Students will work alongside business professionals, university professors, and world-class high school teachers to develop creative problem solving, teamwork, and analytical skills. By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and working to solve real-world challenges, students will learn in ways that allow them to see immediate benefits to their work.

Shape The Future

R2i2 students will shape the future.  Given the tools to create and succeed in a changing economy, students can provide leadership to their communities.  Students will be given an opportunity to work within existing business structures, create their own business structures, and work on real-world business challenges as well as community challenges.

Get Ahead

An R2i2 student is a student that will graduate from their home high school with something extra; something that will put them on a path towards great accomplishments.  Students will be afforded an opportunity to take college level and dual credit courses that can save families thousands of dollars.  Students will also be given access to various certifications or credentials which employers value greatly.